Have you ever played the blame game? The game of blaming others for our condition. This is kinda favorite game for many of us. Blaming someone else gives us relief that haashhhh!! This problem was rooted by someone else. Sometimes we find people to blame! Maybe the condition is worsened but we get relief when we make the cause for these conditions to others! We have the ability to handle the problems but we do not have enough courage to accept that the actual cause was us who let that thing happen! We do not realize these things but we all know that yes we all are part of this!

    Only we are responsible for our goods and bads but we give the tags to others for the causes of our problems. What are we scared of accepting the actual root of our problem? The problem is ours..we are getting affected..we are going to face it then what makes us afraid of accepting? It’s only our mind who don’t want to take the burden of being proved wrong whether its our burden or others! Our brain finds the person to blame.. sometimes we will make them part of our blame game who doesn’t even know we exist! The act might be unforeseen by the person but he will be the part of our blame game! If he hasn’t there I would have succeeded.. if he could have acted smartly then I would have won and many more!!

    This might seem relatable to many of us but is that worthy enough to put our blames to other? The blame game might makes us feel relief but on a practical note it will not lighten up our condition..its not the solution to our problems! Why don’t the brain understands this scenario? Because we made it to think like that.. we made it to feel that we are superior to others so let others be the causes of our problems and let us be on a safer place..

    Acceptance starts with us.. let this blame game change into accepting game… Everything changes gradually and this starts with first accepting it!


    According to you what is a character? How it can be judged? On what basis.. and  the most important question why it should be judged? I don’t get it how it can be measured like in what units.. good or bad..pure or impure..

    Is there any person appointed or any reservation provided for those who are of good or bad character.. Is there any question asked in the forum about how’s your character? You know how you are doing with your life.. you know how private person you are.. every answer regarding you can only be answered by you then how anybody else can judge you and how stupid it will be to judge anyone else to whom we only know what they let us to know about them.. maybe a person will show his good side to you or may be a bad one too! Are we so good at sensing people that without knowing them we can give them a character certificate? If yes, then being on a rude note I want to convey that there are many platforms to show your skills but people! People are not mannequin.. they are humans with a soul, brain and a heart..

    According to my observations the criteria made for judging anybody’s character is:

    • Is that person talking with too many girls or boys.
    • Is that person laughing so much in the public .
    • Is that person working at night.
    • Religion, caste , sense of wearing and other stupid things

    People choose what they want to.. what they like to.. not for letting others to judge! Laughing or talking can be a person’s preference.. with a girl or a boy is again of their preference.. then why to judge them ?

    I hope many of us have encountered these things in our life and moved on like everything was normal. It seems to be like we all gave others an upper hand to judge us.. how?..  by letting them to do so.

    I leave to you how you will tackle these situations but letting them go like normalizing everything will be a troublesome for the next generation. Maybe the next person to get encountered with these may not be able to take this burden and normalize it! Let be your character judged the way you want not what others want to make it a controversy for their chit-chat show!


    Hindu or Muslim or Christian..to whom do you belong? Hope you are not surprised by my question because this is a judgment you have encountered whenever you told your name!  I don’t have any grudges towards any community of religion but I want to make everyone remember a thing … WE ARE FIRSTLY UNITED BY BEING  HUMANS AND THEN DIVIDED BY RELIGION.. . Is this so difficult to understand? Yes it is. We are indulging ourselves in a trap of being divided by religions. The so called politicians are using the religious sentiments to win the votes and yes we are supporting them by giving them a chance of playing with our religious sentiments. This was a direct statement I want to convey but I know many of us will live in the illusions that we can judge a person’s character by its religion or caste. Yes many of us do such things (deep down no one can deny). We ourselves say that humans made the religions, god treats us all equally! And on other hand we blame the religions if a person has made the mistake. We all are behaving like hypocrites and letting us to divide !! yes I have Muslim friends but this doesn’t mean they are terrorists. How can we say our country men to be a terrorist without any true justifications?? Doesn’t this mean that we are doubting our country men to be involved in terrorism? I do agree that mostly the terrorists are of Muslim community but did this mean that all Muslims are terrorists?  NO WE CANT JUDGE ANY OF THE PERSON BY ITS RELIGION. God can create an incarnation of Rama and can send him to a Muslim family or Allah can send his prophet in a Hindu family because he doesn’t make religions.. he only create humans with a heart! Why we give an offender tag of his religion or caste ? why cant we just treat him like an offender or a criminal? Why we blame the religions if a wrongdoer of its community gets apprehended? Humans do crimes not religions then how come blaming a religion is justified? We all are blindfolded by the hypocrites living in this society but now it’s the high time to see with our own eyes not by others! I better remain an atheist  if my sins are equivalent to my teachings of religion. I m neither a Hindu nor a Muslim.. I m a human who wants to be treated like a human regardless of any tags on the basis of religion!!

    I studied in the books and articles that a person’s character is judged by its personality, Way of behaving and talking, etc. but what I have seen in this real world is that a person ‘s character is judged by its religion first and then other things. If it’s a right think to judge like this then why we don’t copy this in the books? why we won’t  teach this to students.. because deep down we all know that this is not the right thing! We have to follow our conscience to stop these hypothesis which we all know is impractical. Religions are a superior thing then why should we make it a part of our controversial life?

    We can doubt an immigrant to be a terrorist but we can’t doubt our own country person to be involved in terrorism who is having all his identities and documents and living in India like all other citizens. Precautions are always better..  to know more of  someone to whom we talk daily is also normal but the reason behind all this is if religion then how will you justify it as a precaution?

    Remember, we pledge all Indians are my brothers and sisters. Now we are dividing ourselves on the basis of religions and forgot the tag of being INDIANS! I m not here to disrespect anyone’s religious sentiments but I think there’s no religion who says “treat your own religion superior, and suppress others” we have to stop this hypothesis and start judging people by their work. I m not saying to relief a terrorist but relief the tag of religion which is attached to him. A criminal cannot have any religion and now we started digging up with the religions of every criminal! We have to punish the humans for their sins not the religions! I know the cases in which terrorists in the name of Allah takes thousands of lives but Allah doesn’t give direction to take anybody’s life so to blame Allah is not worthy! The one who can involve Allah in his crimes can’t be a follower of Allah! We doesn’t involve our parents or teachers in our mischiefs! Remember we have to fight against terrorism not Muslims(specifically  not of our own country).

     Having Muslim friends or Hindu friends is a normal thing .. even having a relation with a Muslim or Hindu person is a normal thing. Two souls meeting or hearts getting attached as a friend or a lover is a normal thing. Souls and hearts doesn’t have their religions so who are us to make them a part of our dark side of sentiments?

     I just want you all to normalize all these relations so that the new generation comes up with an unity power not a dividing power. Normalizing these situations or relations will boost our thinking towards DIVERSIFIED BUT UNITED country INDIA.

    We are the ones who can encourage or discourage this part of negativity! Its upon us what we choose! Being a human its our duty to make this world beautiful.. we are no one to destroy the beauty of brotherhood.. the beauty of unity.. the beauty of living peacefully! Why we expect from the other side to take a step.. why don’t we expect from us to be the first.. the media and politicians ruined the beauties but we have to halt them by putting their controversies to an end! What you, me and us together choose is the deciding conclusion to this negative part of India.

  • We Build Strong

    The fake happiness is better than showing the real sadness which is burrying inside you is a myth that we are following from a very very long time..  the one who stands firmly with a fake smile on his face is considered a stronger person over the one who shows his real sadness to the society! We don’t want the people in our life who are two faced but we will consider the person strong who shows his fakeness to us over the real ones! Who all don’t get upset? If you, then you are normal but if you are not, then you have to go to a pschycatrist! A much serious condition than a depressed person’s..  we know how to treat a physically injured person but how many of us know how to treat a depressed person? 

    Depressed persons are the most strongest ones..  why? Because at least they have the courage to say that they are sad..  they cant keep on a fake smile..  they are the real creatures living in this fake world! In what type of condition I can keep “depression” the normal or the strange? Is even there a condition applied to this illness in this society?

     Everybody says that “everyone have problems” but how many out of this “everyone” individually have the courage to accept that yes they are going through some critical situations and they are sombered  but facing it? Here I can appreciate the depression survivors who showed the courage but what we call them..  A  MOROSE? So what are we? Who don’t even show up the courage to accept the reality in front of everyone?

    The most affected section of the society are teenagers. Now what the question arises over here is why teenagers? They even not have any sort of responsibility to carry! But what they have to carry is “how society will look upon them” kind of questions. They have to sometimes live two different types of lives- one what their parents wants and the second what they themselves wants. This diplomatic situation is the most responsible for the growth of depression in youths. However I don’t want to draw the attention on the informations which can be provided by the internet.

    Isn’t it normal to not be fit either physically or mentally? Then why we prefer to visit a doctor when we are only physically unfit? Why not for mental issues?

    We are not ready to normalize these situations even we are not comfortable about starting a conversation related to this? The person dying in themselves from inside is the worst feeling but not helping them or not making them comfortable can be the worst part of humanity!

    Does it take even a minute to ask someone “are you okay” in a comfortable voice if they doesn’t seem to be okay? do we leave a person dying in front of us if get injured in an accident and wailing in pain? I guess no. a person who is asking for the help out of pain from us will get helped out. So a person who is hurt from inside and even cant wail, how we gonna help them? Ask yourself about this. A little concern of us towards anyone we are close with, can save a life too like a person getting an oxygen mask in an emergency case!

    I’m not saying to go in a depression state when feel dejected but if you go through this situation, don’t think you loose the hopes of living! Don’t encourage the depression state but encourage the person going through it! It is so beautiful to see a person growing  from inside..  blooming in itself!! Its like a renaissance.. and the person blooming feels so light by heart like a bird started to fly! Remember if not ready to flight its of no issue, the bird ostrich also doesn’t fly which makes it unique from others.. what we have to do is to recognize our uniqueness from inside.. leaving all the pressures aside try to live your life once, you will feel the most valuable and beautiful person in this whole world.. being  your own favourite is the first thing we can gift to us! Explore your weekness and strength together, you can’t be a perfect person but can be a self designed person! You can light up your own lamp.. don’t want to go on a phylosophical note but want to make you meet yourself with yourself.. external and internal too!

    This is something from my side to the ones who think they are not strong enough to tackle such situations:

    You are so strong in yourself ..  the only thing is that you have to recognize it.. nobody’s  gonna do that for you.. you are a potential weapon for you and surely for others who are suffering from this.. if you success in winning this war trust me you will be able to save many lives.. many hopes.. many dreams!! You are an innocent soul who knows how the things hurt and how you have to overcome it.. do you really need anyone if you are with yourself? You will win this war if you know the only answer is YOU.. I know how u feels but I know how will you feel.. this is only a motivation given by me but the main power and strength  is hidden inside you.. you don’t have to get irritate from you but you have to love and help yourself the way nobody does it for you! You cant be bothered and  ignored by yourself! Everyone is there for you but are you there for yourself? Be that change which you expect from yourself.. show yourself that love which you expect from others!! I know you are capable of everything and you are worth it! You are a normal person and will be treated normally with a good care! A smiling person is the beautiful one and you have to become the most beautiful in this world!

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