Hindu or Muslim or whom do you belong? Hope you are not surprised by my question because this is a judgment you have encountered whenever you told your name!  I don’t have any grudges towards any community of religion but I want to make everyone remember a thing … WE ARE FIRSTLY UNITED BY BEING  HUMANS AND THEN DIVIDED BY RELIGION.. . Is this so difficult to understand? Yes it is. We are indulging ourselves in a trap of being divided by religions. The so called politicians are using the religious sentiments to win the votes and yes we are supporting them by giving them a chance of playing with our religious sentiments. This was a direct statement I want to convey but I know many of us will live in the illusions that we can judge a person’s character by its religion or caste. Yes many of us do such things (deep down no one can deny). We ourselves say that humans made the religions, god treats us all equally! And on other hand we blame the religions if a person has made the mistake. We all are behaving like hypocrites and letting us to divide !! yes I have Muslim friends but this doesn’t mean they are terrorists. How can we say our country men to be a terrorist without any true justifications?? Doesn’t this mean that we are doubting our country men to be involved in terrorism? I do agree  NO WE CANT JUDGE ANY OF THE PERSON BY ITS RELIGION. God can create an incarnation of Rama and can send him to a Muslim family or Allah can send his prophet in a Hindu family because he doesn’t make religions.. he only create humans with a heart! Why we give an offender tag of his religion or caste ? why cant we just treat him like an offender or a criminal? Why we blame the religions if a wrongdoer of its community gets apprehended? Humans do crimes not religions then how come blaming a religion is justified? We all are blindfolded by the hypocrites living in this society but now it’s the high time to see with our own eyes not by others! I better remain an atheist  if my sins are equivalent to my teachings of religion. I m neither a Hindu nor a Muslim.. I m a human who wants to be treated like a human regardless of any tags on the basis of religion!!

I studied in the books and articles that a person’s character is judged by its personality, Way of behaving and talking, etc. but what I have seen in this real world is that a person ‘s character is judged by its religion first and then other things. If it’s a right think to judge like this then why we don’t copy this in the books? why we won’t  teach this to students.. because deep down we all know that this is not the right thing! We have to follow our conscience to stop these hypothesis which we all know is impractical. Religions are a superior thing then why should we make it a part of our controversial life?

We can doubt an immigrant to be a terrorist but we can’t doubt our own country person to be involved in terrorism who is having all his identities and documents and living in India like all other citizens. Precautions are always better..  to know more of  someone to whom we talk daily is also normal but the reason behind all this is if religion then how will you justify it as a precaution?

Remember, we pledge all Indians are my brothers and sisters. Now we are dividing ourselves on the basis of religions and forgot the tag of being INDIANS! I m not here to disrespect anyone’s religious sentiments but I think there’s no religion who says “treat your own religion superior, and suppress others” we have to stop this hypothesis and start judging people by their work. I m not saying to relief a terrorist but relief the tag of religion which is attached to him. A criminal cannot have any religion and now we started digging up with the religions of every criminal! We have to punish the humans for their sins not the religions! I know the cases in which terrorists in the name of Allah takes thousands of lives but Allah doesn’t give direction to take anybody’s life so to blame Allah is not worthy! The one who can involve Allah in his crimes can’t be a follower of Allah! We doesn’t involve our parents or teachers in our mischiefs! Remember we have to fight against terrorism not Muslims(specifically  not of our own country).

 Having Muslim friends or Hindu friends is a normal thing .. even having a relation with a Muslim or Hindu person is a normal thing. Two souls meeting or hearts getting attached as a friend or a lover is a normal thing. Souls and hearts doesn’t have their religions so who are us to make them a part of our dark side of sentiments?

 I just want you all to normalize all these relations so that the new generation comes up with an unity power not a dividing power. Normalizing these situations or relations will boost our thinking towards DIVERSIFIED BUT UNITED country INDIA.

We are the ones who can encourage or discourage this part of negativity! Its upon us what we choose! Being a human its our duty to make this world beautiful.. we are no one to destroy the beauty of brotherhood.. the beauty of unity.. the beauty of living peacefully! Why we expect from the other side to take a step.. why don’t we expect from us to be the first.. the media and politicians ruined the beauties but we have to halt them by putting their controversies to an end! What you, me and us together choose is the deciding conclusion to this negative part of India.


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