According to you what is a character? How it can be judged? On what basis.. and  the most important question why it should be judged? I don’t get it how it can be measured like in what units.. good or bad..pure or impure..

Is there any person appointed or any reservation provided for those who are of good or bad character.. Is there any question asked in the forum about how’s your character? You know how you are doing with your life.. you know how private person you are.. every answer regarding you can only be answered by you then how anybody else can judge you and how stupid it will be to judge anyone else to whom we only know what they let us to know about them.. maybe a person will show his good side to you or may be a bad one too! Are we so good at sensing people that without knowing them we can give them a character certificate? If yes, then being on a rude note I want to convey that there are many platforms to show your skills but people! People are not mannequin.. they are humans with a soul, brain and a heart..

According to my observations the criteria made for judging anybody’s character is:

  • Is that person talking with too many girls or boys.
  • Is that person laughing so much in the public .
  • Is that person working at night.
  • Religion, caste , sense of wearing and other stupid things

People choose what they want to.. what they like to.. not for letting others to judge! Laughing or talking can be a person’s preference.. with a girl or a boy is again of their preference.. then why to judge them ?

I hope many of us have encountered these things in our life and moved on like everything was normal. It seems to be like we all gave others an upper hand to judge us.. how?..  by letting them to do so.

I leave to you how you will tackle these situations but letting them go like normalizing everything will be a troublesome for the next generation. Maybe the next person to get encountered with these may not be able to take this burden and normalize it! Let be your character judged the way you want not what others want to make it a controversy for their chit-chat show!

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