Have you ever played the blame game? The game of blaming others for our condition. This is kinda favorite game for many of us. Blaming someone else gives us relief that haashhhh!! This problem was rooted by someone else. Sometimes we find people to blame! Maybe the condition is worsened but we get relief when we make the cause for these conditions to others! We have the ability to handle the problems but we do not have enough courage to accept that the actual cause was us who let that thing happen! We do not realize these things but we all know that yes we all are part of this!

Only we are responsible for our goods and bads but we give the tags to others for the causes of our problems. What are we scared of accepting the actual root of our problem? The problem is ours..we are getting affected..we are going to face it then what makes us afraid of accepting? It’s only our mind who don’t want to take the burden of being proved wrong whether its our burden or others! Our brain finds the person to blame.. sometimes we will make them part of our blame game who doesn’t even know we exist! The act might be unforeseen by the person but he will be the part of our blame game! If he hasn’t there I would have succeeded.. if he could have acted smartly then I would have won and many more!!

This might seem relatable to many of us but is that worthy enough to put our blames to other? The blame game might makes us feel relief but on a practical note it will not lighten up our condition..its not the solution to our problems! Why don’t the brain understands this scenario? Because we made it to think like that.. we made it to feel that we are superior to others so let others be the causes of our problems and let us be on a safer place..

Acceptance starts with us.. let this blame game change into accepting game… Everything changes gradually and this starts with first accepting it!

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